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Eva Best

By Eva Best

How Can My Team Building Event Improve Communication?

It’s important to choose the right goals for your team building event before committing to costs and dates.

You’ll need to know a clear business objective in order to get the most out of the event, and this is where we can help. In this video, our director and business growth expert Sam talks through how a team building event will reach your goal of boosting communication within your company.

If communication is a key outcome for you, then together you're going to need to make sure that you build effective communication models into the framework of the day and into the activities themselves. You'll need to choose activities that give the greatest scope to highlight common challenges around communication. This would involve reviewing and analysing how they communicated throughout the day. You'll spend time before, during and after the event reviewing the quality of communication and learning lessons from the day and applying them back in the workplace. Your team will need to be fully committed so they understand the purpose of the event and they're primed because you'll need to make this the objective and the focus.

Finally, you need to make sure you have a way of measuring the outcome. For example, you might want less customer or supply complaints around communication on the promises you make as a business or it might just be a way that people act on the information they're given from when they've had a team meeting, for example. 

Sounds like something your team needs? Talk to one of our team building experts today.

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