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Eva Best

By Eva Best

Are You Booking the Correct Event for Your Team?

Are you booking the correct event for your team?

If you’re about to spend a large amount of money on a day for your team, it’s crucial that you’re booking the correct type of event to get the most out of time away from the office.

Away Days

This first type of event is what we like to call an ‘away day’. To put it simply, you’re buying a fun, shared experience for your team that everyone is guaranteed to enjoy. These work well as a conference break out, a reward day or a celebration of results. These types of events work well with a large range of people, and we’ve run events for upwards of 100 participants in one day.

Team Building

The second type of event is ‘Team Building’. Team Building is often a ‘catch-all’ term for a wide variety of events, but from our point of view it’s an away-day with a clear and focused business objective that will improve the performance of your team in some way. For example, you may want to boost morale at a challenging time, bring a remote team back together or even onboard a new group of employees. These work well with teams of up to 40 people, any more than that and you lose the purpose that you’re trying to create.

Team Development

Finally, you have ‘Team Development’. This consists of turning a group of people into a high performance team using team development theories and a knowledgeable facilitator. These days work best with up to 12 individuals, and the development process will take more than a day to manifest. It will be a step in the right direction towards a high performing team that you strive for.

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