Welcome to our Outdoor activities hub, all you need for your school day trip or residential.

Consider this page your adventure toolkit - minus the muddy boots. It's jam-packed with info, videos, and links to make your due diligence feel less like homework and more like part of the adventure. Together, we'll ensure each school trip is as safe as it is exciting.

Licensing & Insurance

These elements are the backbone of a safe, responsible experience, ensuring every activity is conducted within a framework of security and professional standards.

Activities Insurance. Our liability & equipment cover is provided by Activities Industry Mutual, they are the leading body in the UK and provide comprehensive support, advice and cover. Our reference number is AIM100148. Get a copy of our Insurance Policy

Adventurous Activities Licensing. We provide many licensable activities and so are inspected by the Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), part of the health and safety executive. Our unique AALA reference code is R1228 Get a copy of our ALLA Certificate

Approvals & Affiliates

There are many agencies that help establish the best possible practice in Outdoor Adventure & Education. Below you'll find the govening bodies and agencies that we are affilaited or registered with.

  • Learning Outside the Classroom facilitating experiential learning beyond traditional classroom settings. Get a copy of our Certificate
  • Adventure Mark review our policies and practices as part of our Learning outside the classroom (LOTC) inspection.
  • Paddle UK are the govenring body for all Paddlesports in the UK.
  • Hampshire County Council carry out inspections and approve New Forest Activities as a provider to work with school children in the county
  • Mountain-Biking Instructors Award Scheme (MIAS) provide qualifications and support for leading & guiding bike rides on and off the road.
  • The Institute for Outdoor Learning (IOL) is a professional body for organisations who use the outdoors to make a positive difference to others.
  • Risk Assessments & Staff

    Risk assessments are an essential part of outdoor activities to ensure safety and identify potential hazards. They enhance planning and response readiness to emergencies. Furthermore, risk assessments help tailor activities to participant skill levels, improving the overall experience and enjoyment.

    Google Drive file of Risk Assessments

    Staff qualifications and training are fundamental to ensuring competence and knowledge among those leading your activities. Our qualified staff possess the necessary skills and understanding to manage risks effectively and provide a safe, enjoyable experience for your young people. All our instructors have been DBS checked to ensure they are suitable to work in their role. They are also all first aid qualified as part of their qualification process

    Residential Programs for schools

    Booking and Payment terms Upon enquiry, we check availability for your group and activities, create an itinerary, and provide a quote. Bookings require a signature and 10% deposit, 40% due 16 weeks prior, and full payment 4 weeks before the event.

  • Sample Menu for residential camps Sample 3 day trip menu
  • Sample Program for 3 day residential camp Sample Program
  • Group Medical Form for your school information. Medical Summary Form

  • Transport Video Watch the Video
  • Campsite Video Tour See the Tour
  • Pricing Video explanation Watch the video

  • Day Visits for schools

    Booking and Payment terms Upon enquiry, we check availability for your group and activities, create an itinerary, and provide a quote. Bookings require a signature and 10% deposit, 40% due 16 weeks prior, and full payment 4 weeks before the event.

  • Sample Program for half day visit Insert link
  • Sample Program for full day visit Insert link
  • Group Medical Form for your school information. Group summary form

  • Planning a school trip with us couldn't be easier!

    Downloading our school trips brochure is a great place to start.

    Download our school trips brochure!

    I felt a bit nervous and homesick before arriving, but now I'm settling in and now that I know it's a really nice environment, I'm really happy!

    Leila Hanham

    Student, Bay House School

    "All staff were very helpful"

    All staff were very helpful with my queries prior to booking and on arrival we were welcomed and made to feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommend New Forest Activities who were very professional and helpful. Thank you.

    "Always well organised and fun"

    Always well organised and fun, with great instructors. I took over my Summer school from a previous colleague and BattleZone is the only thing I have not changed as it is great, year after year.


    The children from Brockenhurst Primary School had such a brilliant day on their trip to New Forest Activities. The leaders and activities were great and the children can't stop talking about what a fantastic day they had.

    "Fantastic experience"

    Fantastic experience for students yet again. Brilliant activities delivered in the right way for what we wanted to get out of the sessions.

    "The students loved it!"

    Our booking experience was thoughtful, it was flexible, was sensitive to the needs of the children that we brought and was really easy.

    "We visit every year"

    We have been booking canoeing and BattleZone at New Forest Activities every summer for the last few years. Instructors are fantastic and both pupils and staff always have a brilliant time.

    Affiliate and accreditations linked with New Forest Activities school trips