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Eva Best

By Eva Best

How Can My Team Building Event Boost Morale?

It’s important to choose the right goals for your team building event before committing to costs and dates.

You’ll need to know a clear business objective in order to get the most out of the event, and this is where we can help. In this video, our director and business growth expert Sam talks through how a team building event will reach your goal of boosting morale within your company.

Shared experiences, particularly those that are challenging, are highly memorable. Most likely, you have experiences in your own life that really stand out because that psychological bond of being through something together is super powerful. As well as this, on away days and team building events people tend to come out of their shell and show their true self. They're not just their role anymore, they're a genuine human being.

Another way that events really do boost morale is just showing that the company values its employees. Everyone collectively has worked hard over the last period of time, so treating them to a day out and investing in them really shows that you care. The 'buzz' that inevitably occurs from the day as your employees share photos and videos and the stories of the highlights, again, brings people together and improves motivation and morale. These things can be tricky to measure, but we've found through some sort of formal feedback such as staff interviews and appraisals will give you some sort of subjective measure of the success of an event.

Sounds like something your team needs? Talk to one of our team building experts today.

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