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Eva Best

By Eva Best

The Cost Of Our Team Builds, And Why?

We understand that planning a Team Building activity can be a lot of hard work for little reward. Do you opt for the cheaper option and gain no reward for you and your team but have a good day out? Or do you put in a little more time and effort to make your booking process less stressful with a more successful result? We've made this handy video to talk you through our pricing, and why we believe we’re a high value option with five star results. If you’d prefer to skim, we’ve included a transcript below.

What factors affect the price of a team building day?

The type of activity you’re looking to book is very important. For example, motorised events are going to cost a lot more money than activities such as canoeing and archery. There are also important expenses such as travel, accommodation and a logistics organiser. Are you going to be booking direct or through an agency? If it is the latter, then everything will be organised for you but at a price. Other factors will be the amount of staff the centre has and what qualifications they possess, and if you require a business coach to help you and your team with your current goals.

What does New Forest Activities offer?

We keep our pricing as simple as possible for team building. We have three packages for different needs and at different price points. On the lower end, we offer a fun team building package at around £100 per person. Included are two half-day activities, a buffet lunch, snacks throughout the day and a metal water bottle. In the mid-range at about £120 ahead we can add some extra elements to make the day feel special. These include senior instructors, added food packages, an events manager and waterproofs. And at the higher end, we start to organise elements for you. Hotels and logistics are dealt with by our team building coordinator, you’ll have a dedicated photographer to capture the fun and much more, priced at around £140. If you’re looking for a more bespoke package like our ‘Back to Business’ days, we’ll quote you after a conversation to understand your business needs.

We can’t wait to welcome you onto one of our Team Building events in the New Forest. If you’ve got any other questions, do contact our office team on 01590 612377 or navigate the ‘Team Building’ section on our Help Centre.

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