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Eva Best

By Eva Best

Our Hartford Woods Site Tour

At New Forest Activities, we believe that our ropes site is the perfect place to bond your team or educational group with a range of challenging but safe activities.

We have plenty of parking available at our Hartford location within the grounds and at the Beaulieu Motor Museum. This includes coach access, however these will need to use the main parking areas of Beaulieu Estate which we will cover when you book with us.

Just off the car park we have an archery range, a dedicated bushcraft area and a number of high and low ropes courses. We also have our newly built training area that has been built to fulfil the needs of groups looking to have a mix of indoor and outdoor learning, and a hub for business and classroom meetings. This space allows us to host 40 to 50 people, as they spend a whole day in our woodland fulfilling all their training and educational needs.

Our dedicated bushcraft area allows groups to forage, fire light and more. Our campfire circle is an excellent educational area, as our bushcraft experts talk you through a whole host of survival skills. On full team days, groups can even cook their own lunch over a man-made fire using the information they’ve learnt.

Our high ropes course is made up of industrial ropes access equipment, including steel cables capable of holding up to four tonnes of weight. The environment is inherently safe, yet produces a large stretch in people and takes them away from their comfort zones using height as the background. Our high ropes course has a strong value of ‘Challenge by Choice’, meaning that all the activities start on the ground and it's the individual participant that chooses how far they go.

Our low ropes challenge course often gets confused with an obstacle course, but it’s main purpose is to solve challenges as a group. We incorporate mini games such as transporting tennis balls and water, which helps the participants think as a group to get through the tasks. The same goes for a whole host of activities in the woodland, including our archery range.

Our woodland archery range is private and secluded, with enough shelter and space for up to 20 participants at the firing line. Groups will learn the basic skills of the ancient sport, alongside team challenges and competitions. Archery works well alongside bushcraft, usually in 90 minute intervals.

If you wish to book your own tour with a staff member, get in touch with our friendly office team on 01590 612377.

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