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Eva Best

By Eva Best

The Cost Of Our Activities, And Why?

Booking quality time with your family is so important. As a family, you’ll only have a limited number of days, holidays, and a chance to make those childhood memories extra special. As a business, we really appreciate the importance of getting this right. We’ve created this handy video to talk you through our pricing, and why we believe we’re a high value option with five star results. If you’d prefer to skim, we’ve included a transcript below.

We’re not providing something for everyone.

New Forest Activities are not a mass market, mainstream activity centre. We provide low-ratio, exclusive activities that take place on the stunning Beaulieu Estate. All of this, we believe, comes at a higher price. All our activities are designed for the whole family to take part in, and our instructors are trained to make the most of the environment regardless of the type of group.

Our customer service function is designed to make your experience smooth from start to finish. We provide you with as much information as possible including video directions, what to wear, and what to bring along with you. All of these resources ensure you’re fully prepared for an adventure with your family.

Our equipment is replaced on a regular basis and we constantly purchase new equipment and kit to use on your session.

Our terms and conditions are very generous, allowing you to cancel up to the day before if you’re not happy with the weather conditions. We do charge for this function, but it’s the value you get that we believe is second to none. Alongside this, we guarantee your experience. This means that if you’re not happy with your experience on a New Forest Activities session, we’ll provide you with a refund and you can treat your family with another experience so don’t feel as if you’re missing out.

We make your experience easy to book, easy to find us, and easy to have a wonderful time no matter what you decide to do.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our home in the New Forest. If you’ve got any other questions, do contact our friendly office team on 01590 612377 or navigate the different ‘activities’ section on our Help Centre.

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