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Eva Best

By Eva Best

Your Gift Voucher Questions, Answered

Hey folks! We get asked lots of questions about our gift vouchers, so to make things super easy for you, we’ve put this super handy video together. Alternatively, you can read the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

So how long do our gift vouchers last?

Our gift vouchers last for a whole year, so you’ll have plenty of time to get an adventure booked in with us! Vouchers do have to be redeemed by the expiry date though. However, your actual activity is able to take place after the expiry date.

Are your gift vouchers physical or digital?

Your gift vouchers can be physically or digitally delivered, we just require a small extra fee to cover the postage costs of posting physical vouchers.

So what comes with your gift voucher?

Our digital gift vouchers will be delivered straight to your inbox where you can add a custom greeting message before forwarding on to your lucky recipient. With our physical gift vouchers, we’ll send you a charmingly presented voucher, greetings card and letter ready to present to them. No wrapping needed!

How can I purchase your gift vouchers?

Our gift vouchers can be bought online or over the phone with our friendly office team, and there’s plenty of space to personalise our physical gift vouchers with your own special message.

Is there a cut off point for your Christmas vouchers?

If you’re looking to purchase a gift voucher for a special someone as a Christmas gift, the cut-off date for postage is the 18th of December. Any later than this, then we recommend opting for one of our digital vouchers to ensure that it gets to you in time for the big day.

Can I send the gift voucher straight to the recipient?

We can send your vouchers to you, or directly to the recipient; just let us know upon purchase. And all of our gift vouchers are posted first class.

Can you purchase a gift voucher for a specific activity?

We’re unable to match your gift voucher to a specific activity, however you’re more than welcome to choose an activity from our website and match the gift voucher value to that specific activity. We can always help you with this if you’re unsure, just pop us a call! One thing to note, our gift vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for a monetary amount.

What happens with remaining balances and can you use multiple gift cards?

You are able to use multiple gift vouchers on one booking, and if you don’t use up the full amount on one booking we’ll always keep the remaining balance on the gift voucher, ready to use towards another adventure!

And that’s it! Whether you have a loved one looking to try something new, or you want to drop a little adventure into someone’s Christmas stocking, our gift vouchers are a great place to start. And obviously, if you have any other questions, our friendly office team are always on hand to help, so get in touch.

Have we missed anything?

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