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Eva Best

By Eva Best

The Cost Of Our Kids Parties, And Why?

We understand that planning a children's party can be a lot of hard work for little reward. Do you opt for the cheaper option and deal with the mess that is inevitable afterwards, or do you put in a little more time and effort to make your booking process a little less stressful with a more successful result? We've made this handy video to talk you through our pricing, and why we believe we’re a high value option with five star results. If you’d prefer to skim, we’ve included a transcript below.

What’s included in a lower priced party?

The cheapest option is going to be to simply “do it yourself”. Have the party over at your house and make your own entertainment with a homemade lunch buffet. This can be an effective way to keep costs down, but the work is all in your hands. Another lower priced party option would be joining a large scale company such as Tenpin Bowling or FlipOut.

How about the next price bracket?

The next price bracket would be a much more bespoke service with lower ratios of staff to partygoers. Usually more specialist activities come with a higher cost, an example being a secluded ropes course or water activity venue in which your child's party is the only one on a session. These usually fall under the £15-£25 category and will be a little longer with dedicated party staff to take the weight off of you and all the parents involved.

Where do New Forest Activities fit into these brackets?

Our parties are simply priced. We charge around £20 per child and what we deliver is a high end experience for everyone involved. At the start of your booking, we have a dedicated office team to look after you and the organisation that goes with the party. Included also are party invitations, clear directions to the site where your party will be taking place and kit lists. We strive to ensure that everything you’ll need is included so all children included will turn up well prepared and ready for action. All our sites have free parking and are privately owned, as we’re based on the stunning Beaulieu Estate in the New Forest. On your chosen activity there will be a low ratio of staff to participants and each member of staff is very passionate about what they do whilst being trained to a high standard. If you’re not happy with your experience on our activities, you’ll be backed up by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as we know how important it is to make your child’s birthday party extra special. 

We can’t wait to welcome you onto one of our adventure parties in the New Forest. If you’ve got any other questions, do contact our office team on 01590 612377 or navigate the ‘Kids Parties’ section on our Help Centre.

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