Well used, well loved and looking for a new home

Second Hand Kit Sale

Here you’ll find the second hand kit we are selling as we refresh our activities. Everything has had a good amount of use but will still be very good for recreational use. We are always very happy to show you how to use boats and other kit on a course and you’re welcome to come down and see what we have. It does always go quickly so do get in touch as soon as possible so you don’t miss out!

Our offices are open 7 days a week and we always recommend that you come down and see/have a go with the kit!


Retail price £975 | Selling for £350 – 400

We have a fleet of Venture Rangers for sale, all with 3 seats. A durable boat that’s a great all rounder. They are 16 feet in length and weigh 32kg. They can be loaded up with 450kg. All our canoes that we have for sale are green and have been fitted with Kevlar Skid Plates to protect the bow and sterns.


Retail price £450 | Selling for £160

Perception Sierra’s are very stable single seater boats and fantastic touring kayaks. All the boats have a rear hatch and a bulkhead for storage. They are 11’1 inches long and have a recommended capacity of 160kg so will take a large paddler as well. They weigh 19kg and have a very large cockpit for easy entry and exit. We have a variety of colours to choose from.

All the kayaks have had a repair to the the stern as with us, this part of the boat does wear. Because of this we have reinforced the area.


Retail price £320 – £380 | Selling for £150+

We have Saracen Tufftrax for sale. These are wonderful bikes with good geometry, 21 speed gears and quality shimano parts. V-brakes and cable disc brakes available across the range. They are well maintained for our guests and are for sale as we regularly refresh our fleet.

We have a range of sizes, Small (15 inch frames), Medium (17 inch frames) and Large (19 inch frames). They do all have surface scratches but are in good working order.

If you are interested in bikes, let us know as we will complete a full service before the sale. Viewings and test rides recommended to find a suitable size for you.