Our Top Tips on Planning an Adult Social Event

03 August 2021

An adult social group in front of several canoes.

Planning an adult social event can seem daunting, and with the task being given to only one person in the group (we’re guessing that lucky person is you…) the stress increases. Don’t panic yet! We’ve come up with our top tips to make sure everyone has the best experience, including the organiser.

Make Memories

Your main priority when planning an adult social event should be to have fun and make memories! This can feel like a lot of pressure, but we promise it’s not if you make sure to take into account all the little details. Dedicate a member of the group to be the ‘photographer’ or take turns snapping the laughs. This sounds obvious - but oftentimes the art of looking back at all the best bits is forgotten!

Take Into Account the Range of Experience and Personality

You may have a group that wants a full day of non-stop entertainment or a more chilled group that like to take things a little slower. Make sure it’s clear which one it is and centre the day around this. After all, you should be keeping the whole crew happy.

Consider the Groups Availability

It’s absolutely no good planning a complete event without making sure everyone is free first. We know the likelihood is that you’ve already got this covered, but you’d be surprised how carried away you can get in all the excitement. Your safest bet is to look at activities that are available to book during weekends and evenings.

Establish a Budget

This should be one of your main priorities when booking a social event. It's vital that everyone will be able to afford the cost of what you’ve booked so that you eliminate the stress that comes with payment. All it takes is a quick discussion beforehand!

Make Sure Travel Is Covered

Another easy point to forget! Make sure the destination is easily accessible for the whole gang or there is adequate transport nearby. Free parking is also an added bonus, and it’s handy to take car sharing into consideration too.

Send Reminders

People, especially in a large group, can have a lot on. This is why it’s a great idea to create a messenger group chat and provide regular updates so the gang knows exactly what is happening and when. Our recommendations are WhatsApp or Facebook.

And that's it! The main purpose of a group activity is to have fun. So as long as this is at the top of your list, you can’t go too wrong. We’ve got plenty of fail-proof activities here at New Forest Activities for you and your group to get stuck into.