Coronavirus, let’s not let the bug beat us!

12 March 2020

Coronavirus, let’s not let the bug beat us!

Coronavirus is having more of an impact than we ever could have anticipated, far beyond the people who are actually getting sick from it. Businesses are struggling, travel plans are being cancelled, and schools and museums are closing their doors.

It’s all very doom and gloom out there, and we don’t like it.

It’s uncertain times, especially when it comes to people’s travel plans. And with countries like Italy now on lockdown, and flights across the world being cancelled, it doesn’t look like people will be travelling to their favourite Summer holiday destinations anytime soon. People are unsure when (and even if) they should book anything at all.

For those choosing to holiday closer to home this year – it’s business as usual here at New Forest Activities, and for tourists and local visitors alike, we want to ease some of your concerns when it comes to booking activities with us.

If you’ve made a booking with us and you can’t attend due to Coronavirus concerns, our standard terms and conditions will apply however, we will do our very best to move your booking free of charge to a day more suitable for you (subject to availability). After all, when your self-isolation is over, you’ll certainly want something to look forward to in the great outdoors! Plus, we’ll be holding off on putting our prices up for 2020, and are keeping our 2019 prices in place, until we’re in the clear. If New Forest Activities have to cancel your activity, due to closure here, we will refund you in full.

During these uncertain times, being out in the fresh air (whether it be on the river or in the woodland), is certainly better than visiting built-up towns and cities where the risk of infection is higher. But as part of our duty of care to all visitors, we’re putting in place the necessary precautions to make your visit with us even safer; with increased anti-bacterial hand wash and ‘handwashing’ posters available at all of our activity sites. Take a look at the video below to see what precautions we’re taking in the face of Coronavirus:

As ever, the safety of our visitors is our main priority and we are confident in our ability to deal with current health concerns appropriately and professionally.

Let’s not let the bug beat us, and stop us from adventuring in the great outdoors!

If you have any concerns or start to notice Coronavirus symptoms, see here for advice from the official NHS website advising on what actions to take.