Purchase your Christmas activity gift vouchers today!


We’ve all had that moment on Christmas Day when your Great Auntie Whatcha-ma-call-it looks at you expectantly as you tear open what you fully anticipate to be another awful Christmas present. But of course we smile, we say thank you and we dream about the things we really wanted for Christmas.

Well New Forest Activities is here to help and we’ve put together a list of the worst Christmas gifts to give this holiday season.

  1. Socks – Whether they’re bedecked in Christmas puddings or part of the dreaded multipack, unless they’re stocking sized and filled with more interesting gifts, we’d opt for something else.
  2. Shower Gel Gift Sets – Whilst arguably useful, nobody wants to be told that they smell and need to wash more.
  3. Novelty Mugs – That ‘Koala-tea’ mug you thought was hilarious is now taking pride of place at the back of your mates’ cupboard.
  4. Christmas Jumpers – Whilst some are a fan of the novelty jumper, if it’s covered in Christmas lights, pom-poms and sings a song when you press Rudolph’s nose, give it a wide berth.
  5. Toothbrush – Unless it’s an all singing, all dancing electrical masterpiece, who has a toothbrush on their Christmas list?
  6. Fitness Gear – We’ve all got that one friend who’s a fitness fanatic, they’ve got the weights, the bike, but unless it’s someone’s new years’ resolution to get fit, we’d steer clear.
  7. Re-gifting – Still got that lumpy old sweater you were given last year? Don’t get caught out gifting it to someone else!
  8. 2019 Calendar – Just no.

We joke of course, but even if the execution isn’t always great, the effort that goes into buying gifts should always be appreciated. However, if you’re struggling for gift ideas this Christmas, why not treat your loved ones to an exciting new experience with a New Forest Activities gift voucher?

With so many activities to choose from your loved ones could head out on the water on one of our Canoeing or Kayaking sessions, aim for the bullseye on an Archery session or lead their team to victory in a Battlefield LIVE experience!

So cross another name of your Christmas list and call New Forest Activities on 01590 612377 to purchase your activity gift vouchers today. We’ll even post them out to you free of charge in a branded presentation envelope!

Unless of course, you’d rather buy them socks… We’ll leave that one up to you.