After a long day at work one of the last things you can think of is going out but with the great British weather getting better by the day here’s some ideas of how to make the most out of your free time after work.

  1. Paddle to the pub

Who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing drink down the pub with friends and family? Why not make your journey to the pub a little more interesting and paddle there? New Forest Activities are now offering their fantastic paddle to the pub sessions in the evening, ideal for after work and great way to relax while the day comes to an end.

  1. Summer workout

Switch your normal workout to a summer one, running around the local park, outdoor yoga and boot camps, swimming, tennis, football or even a casual walk can help you burn off calories while enjoying the summer weather.

  1. Evening activities at your local activity centre

Wherever you live there is always going to be an activity centre nearby. New Forest Activities for example offer a wide range of activities to do daytime and early evening. Gather a group of friends and choose from Canoeing, Kayaking, Archery, plus much more. Great way to wind down after a long day.

  1. Outdoor Movie

I don’t know about you but I have numerous invites to outdoor cinema events on Facebook for my local area. Outdoor movies sound like an amazing idea. Gathering up your friends to watch a movie on a large screen with some sweet treats is a great way to relax and be social, even if it is what you could do at home but out on a field.

  1. Happy Hour

Happy hour is great way to let your hair down and be social, get your work colleagues out and get to know them out of the working environment. Find a great location in a garden or a stunning rooftop terrace to enjoy a cocktail or a simple cold soft drink.