1. Can I bring my dog on activities? 

First top question we get asked is; are dogs allowed on sessions or in the boats? Most likely the favourite characters of the New Forest Activities team have to be the Dogs. We are happy to have dogs on a lot of our sessions as long as they are well behaved, we recommend a towel or old blanket to help make them comfortable in our canoes.

Dog canoing on the water.

2. How do I find you?

The second top question we get asked is along the lines of ‘I’m lost can you help me’. There is very rarely any signal in Beaulieu so having satellite GPS or printing off your map is best to stop you from getting lost as google maps will dip out when it loses signal. Maps and directions to your activity are in your confirmation email. If you do still get lost our Booking Centre on the Beaulieu High street will be more than happy to give you directions.

Birds eye view of the Beaulieu river.

3. Can I take part if I have a disability or I am pregnant?

One group of questions we get is often a surprise to people. If you want to take part in the activity and you have a disability or are pregnant, as long as your doctor is happy for you to do the activity 90% of the time we can accommodate you. We do ask that you inform us beforehand, so we can make any necessary arrangements with staff and kit that will be needed. We have an off-road wheelchair to get around the sites and our instructors can get the boats next to it and help if necessary to get you sitting in the boat. Archery can be done sat down so also won’t be a problem. All our instructors have experience working with children and adults with special needs and will be treated with respect and helped if needed to make the most out of their time with us.

4. Why do I have to book in advance?

Booking and money. Customers that are visiting the area for the day or weekend often ask about how ‘in-advance’ the booking needs to be and can they pay on the day. Booking in advance is because of having spaces on the sessions and the longer you leave before booking the less we can say with certainty if we will have spaces left on the sessions. Also, customers often ask if they can pay on the day when they get to the activity site. This is not possible as the instructors do not handle money. If you need to pay in cash, please let us know when booking and come to the office on Beaulieu high street and a member of our office staff can take the payment. Payment must be made before you can do the session.

Office team at New Forest Activities.

5. Will I get wet?

Our final most popular question would be about getting wet on our water activities. Our Canoes and Kayaks are both very stable so falling into the water is very unlikely but you will get splashed by water coming off the Ors so you may get a little wet. In the summer if people want to, they can play the games that will mean you fall in and it’s great fun but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. If you don’t want to get wet when staying in the boat we advise that you wear waterproofs and that will keep most the water off you when you are paddling in the boat.

Canoeing games on the water.

That is our Top 5 most asked questions from 2016! Let us know your questions and we will answer them in our next Top 5.