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Finding things to do in Winter in the great outdoors can be a struggle and when it’s cold outside, we tend to want to stay warm and dry inside. We like to call it the start of the ‘hibernation period’, where we do anything to avoid the chilly temperatures, rain, frost, snow and ice and instead opt for warm fires, hot drinks and thick socks.

However nothing quite beats heading out on the water on a cold crisp day, without a cloud in the sky and a slight dusting of frost over everything in sight. Our Winter Paddle sessions are the best way to get out on the water this Winter and The Beaulieu River offers up some stunning sights during the season.

The most common questions we get are, “Isn’t it too cold to go paddling?” or “Aren’t you worried about falling in?”

We say yes, but it’s all part of the fun! However if you are adverse to a delightfully cold dip in the river, you can opt for one of our stable ‘Canadian style’ canoes which can fit up to 3 people and are perfect for ensuring that you stay dry throughout your session. Kayaks are also available for those more open to the possibility of getting a bit wet. Either choice offers up lots of opportunity for fun and you can decide on the day which one you’d like to choose.



You’ll spend 2 hours exploring the frosty sights of the river, spotting Winter wildlife and practicing a variety of paddling techniques. And at our special Winter Paddle price of only £18 per person (usually £35 during the Summer months), you’ve really got no excuse!

Our only piece of advice? Don’t forget those thick socks.


Winter Paddling is available during the Winter months of November – February and sessions can be scheduled on demand. Get in touch with one of the team on 01590 612377 to book your session now!