Youth activities in The New Forest.

If you’re a scout or guide group leader, run a local church youth group, manage a youth sports team, or are actively involved in a youth group, you may be tasked with booking youth activities and residential trips. There are plenty of options out there for youth activities, but you want to find the right one for your group that offers benefits as well as a fun trip away.

As a youth group you will already be spending lots of time together, but among the weekly or monthly regular activity it’s nice to add something a bit different to the mix. An activity day or residential trip will give your group the opportunity to try something new, bond as a team, learn new skills, and create memories for life.

So, as a youth team leader where do you start? We’ve put together some key things to consider when looking for the right youth activities and residential provider.

Things to consider when booking youth activities:


  1. What will they learn? Most young people just want to have fun, but by choosing activities that can also teach them new skills can help to build confidence and gain important skills for life.
  2. What will they gain individually? Youth groups are made up of individuals with individual needs. Activities need to be something they can all have a go at without needing a specific skill set to begin with. They may face a new challenge, but once they’ve met that challenge head on they will individually feel a real sense of achievement.
  3. What will they gain as a group? Activities as a group are a great source of bonding. They will learn to work together as a team, a skill that they can apply to all walks of life. They will also become stronger as group, sharing experiences together will bring them closer.
  4. Will their parents be happy? When booking youth activities it’s not only the young people you need to consider, but their parents and guardians who are putting their trust in you to look after their child. Make sure you choose a provider that is trusted, backed by the appropriate governing bodies, and covered by the right licenses.
  5. Will it be value for money? You’ll need to consider budget but you also want to make sure what you get is real value for money. That’s why picking a provider that offers activities which will benefit your group in many ways is a must.
  6. Will it be enjoyable for everyone? It’s hard to please everyone, but choosing youth activities that leaders can join in with will mean that you all have a great time.
  7. Will you get support from the activity provider? Whether you’re new to booking youth activities or have been doing it for years, it really helps to go with an activity company that has experience with youth groups. They can take away the stress of booking and provide you with all the information you need to ensure an easy journey from enquiry to the day.
  8. Are they a trusted supplier? Finally, whoever you book with you need to feel confident that every aspect of your booking is in safe hands. A reputable supplier will be backed by appropriate governing bodies, they will have licenses and insurances in place, they will be experienced in dealing with youth groups with testimonials from those who have been with them before to help you know they can be trusted.

Are you feeling more confident on what you need to consider when booking youth activities? Why not download our youth group brochure to see what New Forest Activities can offer your group, or talk to a fully trained and experienced team member who can help you book the perfect youth activities with ease.