Get Crystal Clear on Your Business Goals and Purpose

Take a day out of your business to re-set, realign and re-focus. This is a rare opportunity for you to join like-minded leaders, committed to growing their teams and their businesses.

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What is Back to Business team building exactly?

Your day takes place in a beautiful location, away from the hustle and bustle. It is a full day’s training programme, through which you will be led by local business experts.

The programme is simple, yet profoundly powerful. You will be utilising high performance tools and coaching techniques inspired by the best in the business.

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How will this work?

Step 1 - Mindset: Cultivating the right attitudes and mindset is critical in business. They provide momentum and guide you when things get tough.

Step 2 - What: Define what you want for your business long term and checkpoints for the journey.

Step 3 - Why: Create an emotional driving force for you and your team.

Step 4 - Who: Who are you now and who will you need to become to achieve your aspirations?

Step 5 - How: Define and plan your next actions to take you and your team forward.

How does your team shape up?

Let's find out shall we?

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With the effects of Coronavirus having a kind of fragmenting effect on my team, it was important to come together to remind ourselves of those common goals, those shared values, both as individuals and as a team; and also as a business.

Michael Clitheroe

General Manager, Balmer Lawn Hotel

Why is this important?

As a result of attending this programme, you’ll return to your business crystal clear on what you need to do next to move things forward.

You will have the knowledge and tools to inspire your team to support you in driving the business towards your goals.

The event also provides a great opportunity for networking and growing your influence with likeminded people.

Your attendance at the event will also help those who need it most. Half of the profits from this event will go to charities who’s work we feel need support.

Ok, so what next?

Spaces are extremely limited; this is to be an intimate and results focused event.

To ensure you are only joined by people passionate about growing their impact, revenue and profits, attendance is by application only.

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