Like it or not the countdown to Christmas has already begun! You might still be resisting starting the Christmas shopping but the annual decisions of what to get everyone will soon have to be made, but why is Christmas shopping so stressful?

In this modern day what do you get your nearest and dearest? The latest gadget costs a small fortune, CD’s are now a thing of the past thanks to the likes of Spotify, DVD’s don’t support the minimalist look and the film will soon be out on Netflix anyway!

You’ve done the years of wrong-sized clothes that have given your loved one a complex, you’ve returned all the duplicate gifts, charitably donated the unwanted ones, and binned the remains of the Poundland ‘novelty’ items. All that’s left is to convince your brother-in-law you weren’t implying anything with the set of aftershaves you bought him!

No wonder it’s so hard to find the perfect Christmas gift. So how can you enjoy stress-free Christmas shopping?

With day-to-day life bringing enough stress, anxiety, and the sense of time ‘flying by’, people are generally seeking new ways to enrich their lives, relieve stress, and make the most of their leisure time. Gifting an experience can do just this.

Don’t be put off that a gift voucher doesn’t look like much under the tree, move away from the idea that the bigger the present the better! It’s also easier to order, easier to wrap, and easier to deliver!

A gift voucher for something like an activity is the gift that keeps on giving – the initial rush of surprise and appreciation, the anticipation and excitement after they’ve booked, the guaranteed joy they will get from doing their activity, and the happy memories which will last way beyond any other gift.

A gift voucher for something like an activity is the gift that keeps on giving.

So enjoy a stress-free Christmas shopping experience this year, buy an activity gift voucher and put adventure under the tree this Christmas!