Planning a kids party can be stressful, right? More so when you are trying to organise a group of children and communicate with parents too!

At New Forest Activities, we understand the work that goes into making your child’s birthday a special one, so we have come up with some top tips for planning a kids party:

Establish a party theme with your child

It could be unicorns or Fortnite, whatever your child is crazy about can be turned into a theme. Whether that’s through the party itself, or whether you make the party bags and invites theme-related, the possibilities are endless.

Organise a date that is likely to be easy for everyone to attend

Weekends are your best bet! Understandably children can be busy with after school clubs and weekend activities so plan in advance. This way parents can make sure their children can come.

Understand your budget and pick a suitable venue

These two go hand in hand, as once you know your budget you can start planning the best place to have the party! Your child might want just a few friends or their whole class to join them, so it’s best to get an understanding of group size too.

Set up a group chat for parents

If you can, get all parents contact details and set up a WhatsApp group or Facebook Messenger group. This makes communicating finer details and answering any last-minute questions so much simpler and stress-free for you!

Organise the food for the party

This is where the previous tip comes in handy! Find out any dietary requirements or allergies and plan the food around the activity. This could be a pizza or a buffet lunch, whatever works for you. At New Forest Activities, we can organise kids party platters to be delivered to our activity site, to help take the pressure off prepping food.

We hope our top tips have helped with planning your child’s birthday. It can be challenging making sure everything is organised but if your child has a smile on their face throughout, then your goal has been achieved! If you want to know how New Forest Activities can help organise an outdoor party to remember, as well as take some of the party pressure off, you can download a copy of our kids party brochure, or simply get in touch.

Planning your child's party?

Download our brochure to find out about the wonderful array of kids party activities we have available.

This is the second year we’ve booked a Battlefield LIVE party for our son and his friends.

He had such a great time last year he asked to go again. Once again the instructors were brilliant with the kids and were very organised, which meant we didn’t have to do a thing!

Our son celebrated his birthday here and was planning our next visit before we were even finished!

The kids (and the dads) had a fantastic couple of hours channelling their inner Rambos, and even those less inclined towards this kind of physical outdoor activity enjoyed themselves and were included, supported and encouraged throughout.

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