Have you visited us recently and had the time of your life? We ask all of our customers to leave online reviews for us via Review Miner, here are a few of our favourites that customers left online over the last few months…

We were pleased to read that James’ son had a blast for his 8th birthday party playing Battlefield Live with his friends.

Online Review by James F

Our 2 hour laser-tag activity is our most popular children’s party option and is available at both our Beaulieu venue and Moors Valley Country Park venue.

The kids are (finally!!) pried away from their screens and out into the fresh air to enjoy some combat action. Our instructors talk tactics with the kids before it’s time to choose a weapon and aim down the red-dot sight to take out their opponents. It’s a fast-paced game that’s sure to be talked about for weeks after in the playground.

We always get excited about hosting birthday parties for kids. Our fun-loving instructors make sure that all the kids, even the shy ones, get involved and have a fantastic day that they’ll remember for years to come. As a parent you get to sit back and relax whilst we deal with the over-excited mob, a group of 8 year old hyperactive boys doesn’t scare us!

It was also great to hear from Rosie, who left us a review on Facebook, as it’s important for us to let people know that we do cater to those with physical disabilities, believing that no one needs to feel left out when it comes to fun and adventure time!

Online Reviews From Facebook

For on-the-water fun, our canoeing activities have disabled access, we’ll either wheel you down to the water from the activity centre using our ‘offroading wheelchair’ that Rosie mentioned, or if you prefer, you can drive down to the water on the gravel road. We don’t have a hoist but we do have lots of manpower on hand to get you from the wheelchair into the canoe. We’ll fit a special seat to the canoe for you which provides more support and stability. Disabled toilets are also on-site and our friendly team will be on hand, ready to help you with whatever you need.

Drop us a line if you have any special needs and we’ll discuss what activities you can do, we’re willing to go the extra mile so you can have an enjoyable, safe and comfortable time with us.

Last but not least, Gary highlighted 2 important points in his review of Paddle to the Pub…

Gary's Review

First, if you can’t swim or are not a confident swimmer (or are simply petrified of falling in the water) and need some extra encouragement, our team are on hand to help and encourage you before a panic attack sets in. Our staff are super friendly, patient and experienced, plus you’ll have a life vest on and will go through a safety briefing before you enter the canoe.

Second – Team bonding activities, whether this is for work or a team/group you belong to we provide some superb team bonding activities for you. We actually outlined The Top 5 Benefits of Team Building in a previous blog post if you need a little convincing!

Gary booked our Summer Paddle to the Pub activity – Make a note of it for next year! Forget walking or driving to the pub, you’ll paddle down the Beaulieu river in a Canadian canoe before enjoying a drink with your colleagues. Don’t worry, we don’t make you paddle back!

For Winter team building we have our special Woodland Winter Warmer package where you’ll explore the vital skills needed to thrive in the great outdoors, from bushcraft to rope courses and archery, we’ll cater the team building event to your needs and wants whether you’re a team of 8, 35, or 100+.