As we welcome in a new year we get tempted to make New Year’s resolutions, whether it’s to lead a healthier lifestyle, try something new, or be on time for work! All great ideas, but realistically most New Year’s resolutions go out the window by mid-January. 

So we are saying NO to New Year’s resolutions! You don’t need a New Year’s resolution, you just need a new sense of adventure!


Dry January? Nah! Just make a splash!

We all tend to indulge over the festive season, so by all means cut back on the alcohol – it certainly won’t hurt! But rather than depriving yourself why not find something fun to entertain you? Check out our winter paddle offer!


Join the gym? Nah! Just get out & active!

The gym is going to be filled with people full of good intentions, but by the end of January when the enthusiasm has gone you’re going to wish you hadn’t committed to that year’s membership! Getting active can be fun! Why not do something that doesn’t even feel like exercise but is doing you the world of good? How about some Archery? Or burn off that energy on Battlefield LIVE!


Travel more? Nah! Just look what’s on your doorstep.

Most of us would love to travel more, but with commitments and life getting in the way it’s not always that simple. Take a look at what’s on your doorstep? The UK has some amazing things to do! How about exploring the New Forest by bike? Or climbing through the trees on a ropes course?


Drink more water? Nah! Just play on it!

It’s important to stay hydrated and there are lots of health benefits to drinking plenty of water, so make sure you do! Water can also be a lot of fun to play on, did we mention our great winter paddle offer? You could even paddle to the pub! Double the hydration…


Save money? Nah! Just make it worth spending!

Life is pretty expensive these days, so we all try to save those pennies where we can. At the same time, you need to enjoy life! So rather than saving every single penny, just make sure the ones you spend are worth spending! A memorable family activity or a fun experience with friends can create great memories and experiences that will last a life time!


So this year don’t make New Year’s resolutions you can’t keep! Say #NoNewYearsResolutions and join us in the fresh air for some new experiences instead.