Everyone loves the summer sun but sometimes keeping yourself and your kids cool in the heat can be a challenge.

Use our tried and tested methods to make the most of the sun without wilting . . .

Children jumping into the river

1)   Water! This may be an obvious one but people often forget to drink lots of water.  Don’t just drink when you’re thirsty but throughout the day to keep you hydrated. Avoid fizzy drinks as these can make you sweat even more!  Freeze your water bottle overnight to have ice cold water throughout the day.

2)   Aloe Vera is your friend! Aloe Vera gel is a great way to cool you down. Apply to your skin and not only does it help cool the skin but helps with sun burn and makes your skin silky smooth.

3)   Choose Cotton! Cotton cloths are a must in the summer heat. Have light colour, breathable cotton clothing that is loose and this will help keep air flow to your skin.

4)   Fan in a Bottle! Peppermint spray is a great refresher. Simply spray the mist onto your face and you will feel like you have a cool fan breezing over your face and cooling your cheeks.

5)   Pressure Points! The pulse point on your wrists can help you cool down. Simply run your wrists and hands under a cold running tap for a few seconds and this will help cool your blood as it runs through.

6)   Stellar Sleep! If sleeping in this heat is stressing you out here is a cool tip. Put your sheets into a plastic bag in the freezer for a few minutes before bed and you will have crisp cool sheets to help you fall asleep.

7)   Ice Ice Baby! Dry cold compresses are not just for when you are sick. Applying one to your wrists, feet or the back of your neck can really help cool you down and relax. We find this great if you work in an office to keep cool without the risk of water dripping into your computers.

8)   Foot Spa! An oldie but a goodie is putting your feet into cold water. This is a favourite among our instructors on the water to keep them cool out in the sun all day. Many of the children on sessions end up jumping into the water after a fun session paddling.

9)   Yum Yum! Last but not least is food. Don’t be slaving over a hot stove in this heat. Have nice room temperature food such as salads and wraps. BBQs are good as you can be outside in the breeze and leave it to cook while you sit in the shade watching.

Let us know what you think of our top tips and even tell us your own if we have missed it in the comments below.

Have a great summer!