My New Forest Story – First hand experiences of those who have enjoyed time with us.

This is about Frank, he’s been with us twice, enjoying our beginner friendly kayaking tours and a family canoe session.  He summed up; A perfect day out with my children giving them new found confidence!  What will your story be?  We’d love to hear from you!

Name: Frank. S.

Who we are & why I chose New Forest Activities:  We’ve Been twice this Summer. Once with my Son and the other with my partner, her daughter and my Son. We were on camping holiday in the Bournemouth area both times camping.

The activities I’ve done:  Kayaking & Canoeing

Here’s my story:  On the second visit this year I came with my Partner Anny, her daughter Angela and my Son Jason. We took part in the canoeing, the day was cloudy but dry and reasonably warm. Anny and Angela has never been inside such a canoe whereas Jason and I were totally confident.

What should of happened didn’t, so like typical males, my son and I took to one canoe and the girls went into a separate one and of course we guys paddled away not thinking of the consequence of leaving the girls to find their way. Well from our side it looked funny, watching them go round in circles trying to work out who should paddle which side of the canoe and for sure they were left behind. Only when we reached at least 400 metres away did I realise our arrogance and felt guilty for having fun why they were stuck.

Luckily one of the instructors went into action and tied a rope from his canoe to theirs and towed them to reach the rest of our group. Phew they were still smiling although Anny being Chinese did say something to me which could not be repeated in English! Anyway we decided to swap around who was with who, Jason went with Anny and I took Angela where we continued to have a great time and enjoyed the laughs of standing up in the canoes splashing each other and getting soaked.

The instructors were great and ensured we had a great time.  We’re looking forward to next year when we can go back and demonstrate our improvements of Canoeing or Kayaking.

How I’d sum up my experience:  A perfect day out with my children giving them new found confidence!

<The End>

Thanks Frank – We loved having you with us and appreciate you telling the world your story! Family Canoeing Bournemouth – Great fun even if you’ve never been canoeing before.

New Forest Activities Say: Tell us about your experience with us, every published entry gets a £20 voucher. The very best each month will get a FREE group session for up to 6 people. (Worth up to £168)