Kids party venue in the great outdoors, Battlefield LIVE.

So you’ve decided to host your child’s next birthday party at home? Gone are the days of homemade cake and ‘pin the tail on the New Forest pony.’ Kids parties have gone supersized, and more often than not opting for a kids party venue away from home is actually easier, less stressful and won’t break the bank as much as you’d think.

So what are the cons of a kids party at home?

  • Space – Kid’s parties can stretch the space of your home to its absolute limits. Having the room to host games and activities for a group of excitable tykes often involves moving the contents of your home around to accommodate. Plus, drop offs and pick ups can result in hovering parents encouraging shy children to stay, or waiting for children that just don’t want to leave. How well your house lends itself to becoming a party space for all of this is often the biggest challenge.
  • Clean Up – Spilt drinks, trodden in cake crumbs, strewn wrapping paper. We’ll stop there, but in all seriousness the clean up of a kid’s party can be quite the operation in itself. Not to mention your precious belongings being at risk of sticky hands!
  • Parking – Parking for parents can be an issue, especially if you live in a suburban area. Up on curbs, blocking driveways or in other people’s parking spaces. The logistics can become quite a headache.
  • Noise – No one wants to be responsible for upsetting their neighbours. With the screams, excitable laughter and music of a kid’s party, you’re always at risk of a few complaints.


Still want to have your party at home? Here’s why we think you should choose New Forest Activities as your outdoor kids party venue instead:

  • Oodles of Space – Taking your party into the great outdoors is a no brainer when it comes to needing more space. We provide parking too which means you can accommodate for larger numbers and with an outdoor kids party venue, your kiddos can make the most of being out in the fresh air.
  • No Clean-up Required – (Well sort of). At most you’ll have to scrape your paper plates into the recycling bins provided, but gone are the worries of those pesky cake crumbs in your carpet! And what’s more, you can recover in your nice tidy home at the end of the day. All of our activity sites have adequate space for picnics and cake after your activity – we even have catering options too!
  • Entertainment – You won’t have to worry about keeping the kids entertained. Ditch ‘Pass the Parcel’ for some paddling on the Beaulieu River. Or instead of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ let them duck, dive and dodge during a Battlefield LIVE experience. With tea and coffee stations as well as viewing areas, parents can watch from the side-lines as their little ones have the time of their lives.
  • Noise? No problem! – We’re all for the screams and excitable laughter that comes with a kid’s party. It’s a sure sign that they’re having fun!

Instead of Duck, Duck, Goose, let them duck, dive and dodge during a Battlefield LIVE experience.

A kid’s party with New Forest Activities is sure to be one they’ll not forget in a hurry. Whether it be in the woodland or on the water, we provide a range of fun, affordable outdoor activities all safely delivered by our experienced instructors. Plus, we’ll provide you with party invites and a 25% discount to boot for parties of 8 or more!

Planning a kids party?

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