Woman having fun doing Battlefield LIVE

Battlefield LIVE Bailey’s Hard

With our Battlefield LIVE sessions becoming more and more popular, we have expanded into new sites, with our Bulls Wood site in Beaulieu and our brand new site in Moors Valley Country Park, in addition to our Bailey’s Hard site that everyone knows and loves. We constantly try to make the experience our customers get at site even better as the company grows. With each site having features unique to the location we can help you choose the site that is best for your group.

Moors Valley Battlefield LIVE site is our most natural in the terrain for the most authentic experience. The largest site with the biggest capacity would be our Bulls wood site which has some man-made barriers between trees made up of wooden logs.

All of our sites are woodland based but they range from towering conifer trees to Oak woodland with peaks and troughs, and then a wild mix.

Our Bailey’s and Moors Valley sites both have toilet facilities available, Bulls Wood is only 10 minutes from Beaulieu which has public toilets and 3 cafes/restaurants. They all have areas where you can sit before and in-between games and all of them have parking (Moors Valley Country Park do charge for parking, this is not up to us).

Our Bulls Wood site is 10 minutes from our Bailey’s site and our Office on the Beaulieu High Street and it dose have toilet facilities there for you to use. Our Moors Valley is in the Country Park which is free to walk around and there is also a Cafe, gift shop, playground facilities and picnic areas that are also free, including ice-cream huts and a pond. They also have a miniature railway, woodland trails with play areas all the way round. This means that before or after your activity with us you have a wide range of activities to do around it and have a place for parents and children that are too young to do the Battlefield LIVE have something to do during the games.

Bailey’s Hard is perfect if you are doing other activities with us on the same day as your Battlefield LIVE session. Canoeing sessions run from Bailey’s Hard too so there is no need for you to drive anywhere else and Kayaking is only 3 minutes drive away in Bucklers hard, you can access Bucklers Hard by car or along the river path on foot. You can park free of charge at Baileys for the duration of your activity so no need to worry about a parking meter.

Our Bulls wood and Bailey’s Hard sites are only 6 miles from Lymington and 30 miles from Bournemouth. Our Moors Valley site is close to Bournemouth, only 12 miles away so perfect for those staying in the area.


Battlefield LIVE at Moors Valley