The Team Building planning checklist you need!

Back to Business | Task 5

So, over the last few days, you’ve started to get some real clarity behind you and your business and how it’s going to look in the future. You’ve identified your purpose, you’ve tracked back to your five, three and one-year goals, and you discovered why that’s important to you.

We’ve also started to consider the type of skills that you’re going to need to move forward and the behaviours that you’re going to need to do every day to move you forwards to those higher goals and those higher purposes.

The final part of this process is to share this with your team.

There’s no good having it in your head. It needs to be out in the hearts and minds of those people that are going to make it happen for you. Your team members. Your staff.

We found the best way to do that is to get out of the office into a neutral environment, somewhere that you can really get back to basics and consider bringing everybody together.

Our team building days are the perfect vehicle for that, and organising a team building day just like a business, needs to be planned effectively.

The checklist that we’re providing you with today is to help you to plan those logistics.

But we’re here as well. We’re experts at doing this. We’ve already helped our own team, and the teams of some other local businesses to get back to business by sharing their vision with everyone and having a whole load of fun as well.

So this is something that you and us need to work together on now, to make happen.

Use the checklist and we’ll be in touch very soon to make it happen.

Well done for completing the challenge. See you soon.