What do you need to become?

Back to Business | Task 4

So this is the fourth, mini task in your back to business series. On the first day we looked at your purpose, what it is that you’re truly trying to achieve. The second day we broke that down into goals, so real clarity around specifics of five, three and one-year objectives. What will your business look like in those time frames? And then yesterday we looked at the ‘Why’, the kind of deeper purpose, the deeper reason for you and your team to do the things that you do.

Today we’re focusing on something called Logical Levels, which is a model from NLP. It’s actually something that’s been explored by anthropologists. A chap called Gregory Bateson came up with this. But the point of the matter is that the things at the top, your higher purpose, your identity, so what others think of you and say when they describe you, and your values, the kind of, reason that you do the things you do and the framework around that.

To get those points you need to have skills, behaviours and the right environment. In the last few days we’ve been looking at the top now. We’ve looked at your mission, your vision, your identity and also your values and your beliefs about why that’s important to you and your team. Now, really, after filling that in, you need to think about the skills that you and your team are going to need to achieve this great vision. And also the kind of things that you’re going to need to do every day to drive you there.

And then finally, what does it look like in terms of the environment that you’re going to be based in to get these results?

If you can full out this framework, you’re going to have a real clarity now over what you need to do to move you and your business forward.

We’re here to help if you need us, give us a shout, but it’s over to you.