What is your why?

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So this next step now is really looking at the ‘Why’. What’s the true reason that you’re in business? What is it that you want your business to do for you and your team?

Now, when I’ve done this exercise personally, it’s very, very emotive, and I’ve done it one-to-one with clients and teams as well, and we really do dig deep into why people do the things that they do. So don’t take this task lightly. This is something to really get involved with.

It’s simple on paper, at the top you’re going to write down your compelling vision, and then below that you’re going to work through, so if your vision is to grow your business to a revenue of, say, £2 million, that will be the piece at the top. And then underneath we would say, why is it important to you to have a business that turns over £2 million? And you might be like, well, I want to employ ten good people. So the next question is, why is it important to you to employ ten good people? And so on, effectively the answer to the previous question creates the question below that. And what you’ll need to do now as a business owner and as a leader is dig deeper down that hierarchy until you get to the root cause. The real reason that you do what you do.

There’s no real shortcuts for this, you’ve just got to do the task. And this is where you might want to seek some help. So maybe work with a loved one, work with a colleague, someone that can ask you the questions and really dig deep.

We’re here to help too. So any problems, just give us a shout and we can help you through this task.

Good luck with this one, it’s an emotional one.