What are your goals?

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So in the first step, we looked at your big vision, your business’ purpose. The reason it’s here to serve your customers.

This next stage now is to start to get really specific, to get real clarity on what that actually is going to look like in the future. To keep it nice and simple, there’s three time periods for you to consider here. Most people overestimate what they can do in one year, but underestimate what they can do in ten. So for this reason, we’ve put a five-year goal in place. Think of that as your ten-year goal because you’re going to go big now, you’re going to think big, you’re going to act fast and act with real passion.

So in five years, what will your business look like? What will you have achieved? And if we reverse engineer, we reverse back from there, so in three years time what will you need to have done to be totally on track for those five-year goals?

How many people will you be employing? How many products will you have? How many customers will you have? How many buildings, premises? What is it that your business will look like in terms of revenue and profits three years down the line?

And working back from that point now towards where we are now, in a year’s time what will you have needed to have achieved to know that you’re 100% on track for those three-year goals?

This technique of reverse engineering is key for any major project, and when you’ve got a big vision like you have now, you want to make sure that you can trackback in five, three and one-year stages.

This is it for today, the simple task. Fill out the worksheet, get involved, see how you get on.