Cockleshell Heroes


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A full day of activities

Themed Team Building Day


Cockleshell heroes is an event re-creating the legend of the Cockleshell Heroes, an SOE squadron based in the Beaulieu area during the 1940s. Your team will enjoy a full day exploring heroic attitudes and what it means to be part of a fully fledged squad as part of this themed team building day.

The event draws inspiration from ‘The Heroes Journey,’ a story telling metaphor as powerful today as it has ever been. Whether your focus is on a specific element of team building or you just value a safe and fun day out, this themed team building day offers a great option for working together.

Cockleshell Heroes is a themed team building day in The New Forest.

What's Included?

Minimum 8 people per group.


  • We’ll begin with some background on the Cockleshell story
  • Next we’ll embark on a Canoe/Kayak trip up river to the first mission objective
  • Your team will be put through a number of tests to develop your skills
  • Then it’s on to the next objective… A full buffet lunch served by the riverside!
  • Afternoon activities will take place on the battlefield
  • Your team will learn what it takes to go into combat in a number of competitive strategy games
  • We’ll end by reflecting on the day and what we’ve learnt as a team
  • Optional extras include transport arrangements, overnight and conferencing facilities.