Tag Archery


£28 for 2 hours
£40 for 3 hours
Minimum groups of 8 people for this Archery experience


All year round



2 hours
3 hours

Tag Archery


If you’re looking for an alternative Archery experience, then look no further than Tag Archery in The New Forest! Armed with foam-ended arrows and wearing full face masks, you will embark on an epic game of tag.

Teams will go head to head, ducking, diving and dodging their opponents arrows, utilising the field to guide your team to victory!

Always fancied yourself as the next Katniss Everdeen? Or with the style of Legolas? Now you can really take on the challenge as you fire your arrows at moving targets – your friends, family or colleagues! Get in touch with us to organise a session for your group.

Two friends taking part in an alternative Archery experience - Tag Archery!

What's Included?


  • Tag Archery is suitable for 16 years and over
  • Great activity for groups (minimum 8 people to play)
  • Perfect for Stag/Hen parties or team building events
  • No previous archery experience required
  • Safety equipment such as face mask, foam ended arrows and bow supplied.