That’s right, come rain or shine there is always plenty of fun and exciting things to do in the New Forest. Whether you are looking as individuals, a family group, a group of friends or as a couple there is something for everyone to enjoy.

We are pretty used to the unpredictable weather, this just makes us more determined to make the most of your time off work or whilst on holiday. Our expert team are very used to running fantastic activities in the rain and will change the sessions to make the most of the weather and conditions on any given day.

Archery – In wet weather we put up a gazebo to keep everybody under cover. You’ll get a little wet when you collect your arrows. There is a great cafe right next to the archery field so its easy to keep topped up with tea & hot chocolate.

Canoeing –  Canoeing in the rain is great fun as long as your wearing the right kit. We have waterproofs if you don’t bring any with you. Bring a flask and some snacks for when you on the water. The river bends and twists so the guide will always know where to find the best shelter during your activities. At your start and finish point we have a cafe for tea & coffee so bring some change.

Kayaking – A great wet weather activity. You’ll get issued with water-proofs to keep you a bit dryer. Once your going the rain makes no difference to the activity and our guides can always find the best spots on the river for shelter. You’ll start and finish next to a great cafe and beautiful New Forest Pub on the river side. Bring a change of clothes and a sense of adventure.

Battlefield LIVE – The rain often helps cool players down. We have lots of battles where people wish it was raining as it can be hot work in the sunshine. You’ll get overalls for woodland battles so you can feel free to get as muddy as you like. For urban battles, we give our camo jackets tops so bring along some clothes to stay warm and dry. There is always breaks in between the games to get out of the wet weather and talk tactics with your team.

Bike Hire – The cycle tracks of the New Forest are very well maintained. Come rain or shine there’s always lots of great cycling to do. Once you’re in your waterproofs to keep you warm you’ll have a great time exploring the Forest. Make use of the Pubs and Cafes dotted around the New Forest to reward yourself with cake as you go.

Remember – You’ll never meet a rusty person. All people are waterproof so the trick is to stay warm. Over a whole day, this can mean staying dry as well and being wet will cool you down. Bring snacks and flasks to you activities as its lovely to have a hot chocolate half-way though.

Don’t waste your time waiting for the weather to be prefect. If you live in the UK you could be waiting along time. Find out what great fun you can have with New Forest Activities come rain or shine.