As we continue to celebrate 15 years of New Forest Activities, we thought we would put together our list of 15 top tips for a day out on your bike. The New Forest is perfect for cycling, with loads of places to explore and things to see and do on route.

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Let’s get cycling!

  1. There are loads of woodland trails within the New Forest. They have markers on route so you can easily find your way and with good tracks it makes for a nice easy ride.
  2. The beauty of the New Forest is it edges on to the coast. The coastal trails make for a stunning setting for your bike ride.
  3. There are lots of attractions in the New Forest, such as the Beaulieu Motor Museum. If you feel like giving yourself a break from the car you can easily cycle to your chosen attraction.
  4. Sometimes cycling is just a great way to get you away from it all. Take a picnic and enjoy the more secluded areas of the New Forest.
  5. If food is on your mind there are plenty of wonderful New Forest pubs that can easily be reached by bike. Cycle to the pub for a well earned lunch!
  6. There’s an abundance of wildlife in the New Forest. From the free-roaming ponies and donkeys, to numerous birds and deer. When you’re out of the car and exploring by bike you’ll be able to do some great wildlife spotting.
  7. The forest has some unique villages such as Burley and Lyndhurst. Use your bike to head off and explore a New Forest village.
  8. If you’re after an active day you can cycle to even more activities. Visitors often cycle to our activities such as Archery and Canoeing. If you’re hiring a bike you can combine your bike hire and canoeing to make it a Family Adventure Day.
  9. As mentioned above the New Forest borders several lovely beaches. Avoid the hassle of parking and cycle to the coast for a day at the beach.
  10. Have you got an energetic four legged friend who you would love to keep up with? The trails in the forest are often away from roads, so if your dog is well-behaved off the lead they could enjoy a good run as you cycle beside them.
  11. Looking for a bit of extreme cycling? You’ll find a few places around the forest that are made for bike jumps. Just make sure you have the appropriate kit for it!
  12. Don’t plan your day at all. Hop on your bike and head off into the New Forest for a day of discovery and exploration. As mentioned the trails are well marked so as long as you stick to these you’ll be in for a great day!
  13. Try the different trails, there are plenty to choose from! Whether you want to head to a location or just cycle for a few hours, you can spend the whole visit to the forest trying the different trails. We have some great suggested trails at our booking centre in Beaulieu should you need help!
  14. Do you have children that are just that bit too small to ride on their own? It’s easy to hire a trailer or child seat to go on your bike (or hire bike) so you can take the whole family out for fun in the forest.
  15. Whether you’re in the middle of the New Forest or on the coast, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Hop on your bike and head to your chosen spot – just make sure you’re prepared with lights if you’re cycling after the sun goes down!

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