Top 4 Activity Options For Schools

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Outdoor activities are a great way to boost confidence and make friends, all whilst having amazing experiences. Our range of school activities offer a great sense of adventure around four key themes.


Here you’ll find our top 4 activities for schools that add a twist to a standard activity. We are happy to chat if you would like something designed just for you.


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Archer - Kids Activities


A fantastic activity as you master your technique and go for gold. Archers are the hunters of the village providing for their communities and developing a deep sense of the natural world.


3 hour activity for ages 8 – 16.


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Explorer - Kids ActivitiesExplorer

Explorers are the pioneers of their communities. Not content with what’s around them they seek out new horizons for adventure. Take to the woods and enjoy bushcraft, pioneering and high and lows ropes activities.


3 hour activity for those aged 8 – 16 years old (over 12’s for high ropes)


When can I do the Explorer Activity?


Take to the water and discover the wonderful world of open canoeing. Mariners were comfortable on the water, able to travel huge distances for fishing and trade.


3 hour activity for those aged 8 – 16 years old


When can I do the Mariner Activity?

Solider - Kids Activities


The Peacekeepers of the community, soldiers offer protection and defense against invaders. Join New Forest Activities for a fantastic activity on the Battlefield.


3 hour activity for those aged 8 – 16 years old


When can I do the Soldier Activity?


Canoeing for Families

Enjoy time well spent with your kids on a fantastic Canoeing adventure on the Beaulieu river. Canoeing is great for kids and teenagers can explore the river in kayaks.

Canoeing Adventures for Families

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